Important Changes For Our Delta Dental Patients


To Our Delta Dental Patients:


I hope you are staying healthy and safe.  Recently, we have had to make a very difficult decision.


Over the past years dentistry has entered a new golden era of innovation, digitization, and progress.  Things I only imagined being able to do for patients when I started this practice happen every day  for our patients today.  From digital tooth impressions to 3D X-rays and digital smile designs, you may have already experienced some of these advancements during your visits with us.  I’m so happy to share with you that we at Belvidere Dental Associates are on this leading edge of technology and advancements.  Additionally, in a time where most doctor office visits are increasingly rushed and impersonal, we’ve made the conscious intention to spend more time, know our patients better and aim to get it right every time. 

On the other hand, our profession is becoming increasingly strangled by the archaic and obsolete mindset of dental insurance companies.  Even in the year 2022, they consistently deny basic standard treatment in the aim to shore up their profit margins. They increasingly dictate decisions that should be made between the doctor and patient.  

Delta Dental Insurance has become increasingly difficult to work with in recent years.  They impose a massive administrative burden on our practice, and we often need to do battle with them to manage routine claims.  Over the years, it has become clear to us that Delta Dental has less interest in optimal oral healthcare for patients and much more interest maximizing their own profits.  More and more often, they drive a wedge between doctors and patients.  So, after months of consideration and years of participation, I’ve made the decision to become an unrestricted provider with Delta Dental.  

YOU are important to me.  I’ve made the decision to go out of network with Delta Dental because remaining in network prevents me from delivering the highest quality care, in the safest possible environment as you’ve come to expect over the years at Belvidere Dental.  The doctors here at Belvidere Dental will never compromise the level of care, skill or judgement we provide, and we never will.  So as of January 1, 2023, I will continue as an out of network provider with Delta Dental Insurance. 

What does this mean for our loyal patients who happen to have Delta Dental insurance?  You can ABOSLUTELY CONTINUE TO come to our practice for your oral healthcare.  You can STILL use the benefits your dental insurance policy furnishes for out of network providers in our office.  We will continue to submit claims to Delta on your behalf.  We will continue working to maximize your benefits on your behalf.  However, Delta may send payments directly to you following your visit, leaving you free to settle your account at time of service and simply keep the check when it arrives.  

Upon notifying Delta Dental of our withdrawal, I understand they have sent (or will send) a letter to the policy holders.  This letter is very confusing and may leave some patients thinking they are required to find another dentist.  This is simply not true.  You are very much welcome in our office and we will continue to help you use your benefits.  

It is my fondest hope you continue to visit our office for your care and in return, you have our utmost commitment to continue delivering the same world class care you trust us to provide.  If you have any questions about this transition, please call or visit with Linda, Jean or Diane at our office. 


Have a blessed day and we look forward to seeing you soon!



Dr Vince-Cruz

Dr. Provenzano

Dr. Almonte and our

Belvidere Dental Associates’ Team